Team OA Podcast #3: Testing

Testing Overview

  • Why test?

  • What do the zones tell us? Energy systems, fuel supply

  • Zones 1-5


Bike Testing - the FTP test

  • The FTP test - overview. HR or powermeter?

  • General - w-up / how it feels /

  • HR test

  • Power test

  • What to do with results afterwards


Swim Testing - the CSS pace test


Run Testing - Jack Daniels’ VDot calculator


Testing and fuel supply

  • The importance of sticking to your zone

  • How fat burning changes over time

  • Why you don’t want to rely on carbs

Team OA Podcast #2: FAQ answers

Episode 2 covers answers to all the questions we had sent in.

We cover the following topics:

Moving sessions around in your basic week

What to do if you miss training

Changing your A race, and fitting in other races

Strength and Conditioning


Nutrition, Hydration and Diet

Team OA Podcast #1: Beta Launch !

Welcome to Team Oxygenaddict!

In this first Beta Group Launch podcast, Coach Rob talks you through the basic training week. We cover the structure of your basic week, the training theory behind the layout of the week, and try to answer a few questions that you might have as you start your training.

Remember - any questions, send them over to

This podcast is private, members only content and so it's not up on itunes - you can either listen here in your browser, or click 'download' and transfer the file to your mp3 player that way. 

Now - get out there and get training!