Online Video Swim Stroke Analysis

Coach Hamish Shaw


REMOTE online video swim analysis


Video Swim stroke analysis is the most effective way of improving your stroke. For the vast majority of triathletes, it is technical stroke flaws that are holding back their swim speed, not lack of fitness. The remote online video swim analysis is ideal for busy athletes - you video yourself swimming (or have a friend video you) and send us the footage.

  • On purchasing a REMOTE swim analysis, you will be emailed a set of instructions, including the angles we need to see your swim stroke from, and how you will get the footage to us.

  • You will need to have access to your own camera - ideally a waterproof smartphone, or GoPro, that can film under water.

  • Post analysis, your footage will be available for you to view online, complete with coach voice over.

  • You will receive a link to your footage, with a written analysis of your session by your coach, including improvement points and specific drills that will help correct your specific stroke flaws.

  • COST: £100 per analysis, £250 for three if purchased at once.

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