Cup of Tri Podcast Episode 004: Joe Skipper remix

Episode 004 – Joe Skipper

This week we've got a great interview with young gun British Pro Joe Skipper. Winner of Challenge UK Weymouth, 2nd at IMUK amongst other great results in 2014, Joe is a massive talent and has his eyes set on Kona 2015. Coach Rob Wilby talks to him about his career so far and his hopes for the future.

Workout of the week:

Treadmill workout –

10 min warm up – gradual increase in pace from walking, jogging, to 30s at T-pace

1 min at 1%, 1 min recovery

2 min at 2%, 1 min recovery

3 min at 3%, 2 min recovery

See Pace descriptors here :

Details of the Fuerteventura Training Camp here :

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Note: I've had a crack at remixing this episode to make the volume better. I'll be interested to hear comments either way to see if it's better and what we can improve further!


See you next Wednesday!