Cup of Tri 46: Deca Dave Clamp

'Deca' Dave Clamp: World Deca Ironman Champion at 56 years old! We talk to possibly the most inspirational guy in the World on the back of his recent win at the Deca Ironman Championships.

Yes, that's right. Deca Ironman. As in 10 Ironmans in 10 days.

Yes, that's right. 56 years old.

So if you're waking up this morning and feeling the aches and pains of aging and using the excuse that you're getting a bit older and your best days are behind you - well, I'm sorry, that just won't cut it. Lace up those running shoes, take a spoonful of concrete and harden up a little on the inside. This interview will convince you that it's mostly in your head, and even that bit that's not in your head is mostly in your head. And even that little bit that's left that really is physical - well, that's probably in your head too.

Let's take Dave's example and decide that as we get older, we get more experienced, and experience is teaching us that we have done this before, and we can do it again, and we can do it faster than last time.

I'm going to stop typing now, and go off to do some training. Because you know what? I'm going to get faster too, for the next 14 years... :)