Cup of Tri Triathlon Podcast 52: Laura Siddall

Laura Siddall interview. Imagine you won your age group at the World Championships at sprint, then olympic the next year, then 70.3 the next year - would you have the guts to take it all the way and see how you stacked up racing pro? Would you go all in, quit your job, move half way round the world to San Fransisco to train with the best squad you could find? That's exactly what Laura SIddall did. It's a pretty amazing story of following your dreams!

Cup of Tri Triathlon Podcast 50: Vanessa Raw

 Vanessa Raw Photo (c) Romilly Lockyer,

Vanessa Raw Photo (c) Romilly Lockyer,

Vanessa Raw has had quite the rollercoaster triathlon ride: spotted at a swim practice at Loughborough Uni, and fast tracked to the 2012 Olympic development team, injury, burnout, a horrendous crash and now a 2nd chance: life as a long course triathlete, with great results at 70.3 and Ironman this year. Having gone sub 9.30 in her first Ironman, she's clearly talented and hard working in equal measure. We catch up with Vanessa to find out what we can learn from her journey from injury to podium!

Plus: Helen gets a sports massage live on air, Rob gets badgered into admitting what he's really training for, and we have all the results from the weekend's racing!

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Cup of Tri 49: Chris Standidge

Chris Standidge must be the UK's most successful age group triathlete this year: overall age group wins at IM70.3 Stafford and Dublin, and AG champion at the ETU olymic distance as well. Rob interviews him to find out what we can learn from this hard working northerner!

Cup of Tri 48: Rachel Joyce

Rachel Joyce is the biggest name in British Iron-distance racing. Her results over the last three years include two 2nd places and a 3rd place at Kona! In addition to this, she's a former ITU World Long course champion, and winner of Challenge Roth and IM Lanzarote.

This interview covers her progression from hopeful age-grouper to multiple Kona podiums - and it's a story you might not expect. Always unquestionably physically talented,  the biggest shift that happened for her was a mental one - here's her story of learning to believe that she was good enough to compete at Kona.

She also shares with us the story of Tri Equal, and organisation that she co-founded to push for equality of representation for pro women at Kona, and in triathlon in general.