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Iron & 70.3 triathlon preparation, 16 week training plan

16 week winter plan for athletes racing 70.3 or Ironman distance triathlons next season. 

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Our We Love Winter training plans are designed to get you into the best possible shape on an average of an hour a day of training* over 16 weeks.

We Love Winter - FAST : winter preparation for sprint and Olympic distance triathletes

We Love Winter - LONG : winter preparation for 70.3 and Iron distance triathletes

Sounds too good to be true?

We have proof.

Sprint & Olympic triathlon preparation, 16 week training plan

16 week winter plan for athletes racing sprint or olympic distance triathlons next season. 

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We started by analysing the training plans of our coached team athletes. Real world athletes, with lives outside of triathlon, full time jobs, families and children. With limited time to train, they needed the best plan to get as fit as possible within the constraints of the real world. We work with these athletes, crafting the plans to fit their shifting lives and work schedules, so they fit in the best sessions they can in the time they have available. Every plan is different, because every life is different.

However, all of them wanted the same thing from their 'off season' - they wanted to get faster on the bike for next season. We crafted a core bike plan to increase their bike power, and we refined it over several seasons. It worked. They got faster. Much faster. Despite having limited time to train. We realised we were on to something. 

Now, you can prepare like them too.

An Hour A Day

The core of the We Love Winter plans have helped prepare athletes for podium places, age group wins, GB representatives, and Kona Qualifications over the last 4 years. Both plans share a common core of the first eight weeks, after which the FAST plan goes on to develop more top end power, and the LONG plan focusses on specific muscular endurance.

We distilled what worked with our coached athletes and put them into our 'We Love Winter' plans. The plans are proven. There' s no guesswork. These plans work. 

Complete every session in these plans, as written, and we'll guarantee that you'll get faster.


Some notes for you to consider regarding the We Love Winter plans:

  • Three bike sessions and three run sessions a week, with one rest day.
  • Optional swim sessions. Complete 16 week, 48 session swim plan for those who have the extra time and desire to improve.  


Got a question about our winter training plans? Want an 8 week version for £80 instead of the 16 week version? No worries! Drop us an email here and we'll sort it out for you.

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  • *FAST plan averages 6.6 hours a week
  • *LONG plan averages 7.5 hours a week

  • 70.3 (R) and Ironman (R) are registered trademarks of WTC.