6600 Whiteboards for Cambodia

Please help us to buy some individual whiteboards as classroom teaching aids for maths and science teachers in rural Cambodian lower secondary schools. The total amount needed to trial our project is $5,610 (= £3875 or €5018).
A class set of boards (40 boards) is $34 (= £23.50 or €30.40).

TOTAL: $2756,  

3242 boards of 6600

 81 classes of 161

Last update: 26th Feb. 2016

(The photo is training the trainers on the use of the whiteboards. I wanted a photo of me looking cool and professional. There wasn't one. That's 'team chemistry' behind me, enjoying waving their boards while I talk to 'team maths'.)

Cambodia Whiteboards
from 11.75

£23.50 will buy a set of 40 whiteboards, pens and erasers - enough for a whole classroom full of children!

Number of sets:

The man in this photo is my old university room mate that I talked about on the podcast -  Nick Hinde. He's trying to do a great thing by improving the education system in Cambodia, but desperately needs the funding to help make this project happen. You can read more about his project HERE . His website hasn't got a payment system on it, and the project can't afford to fund it, so I've said that people can donate through my website here, that has got a payment system linked to it - and I'll make sure that the money gets transferred to him. Click 'Add to Cart' and that will allow you to donate £23.50 securely, with a credit card, and buy a whole class of 40 kids the resources to help them learn.

Thanks for your help!

Coach Rob