Shayne Wilson: Nottingham Sprint Race Report

This is  a guest blog by Team Oxygenaddict athlete Shayne Wilson. Shayne is on a mission this year to qualify for the World and European Sprint Distance championships. With each passing race he gets a little closer, and this time he endured the agony of watching his automatic qualification place slip away when he was overtaken on the run. You'll nail it next time, Shayne!


Rob Wilby


I write this race review pretty cheesed off with myself. I missed a massive opportunity to qualify automatically for the ETU championships 2017 this weekend. I missed out this time, but not by much.  All the ingredients are there, I still haven’t put them all together on race day…yet. 

Onto the race: 1:04:47, 10th Age Group, 80th overall. What a brilliant set up Holme Pierre Point is. Loads for supporters to do, great vantage points for them to watch and busy atmosphere with hundreds of people competing and at least twice that number watching from the seats and grassy banks. The course is fast, no doubt about it PB hunters should pop this in their diary. Swim was 750 in the boating lake, algal blooms meant the start was moved, but the fact it was right in front of the crowd was great. My swim was majorly disappointing, an 11.30, when in training Id been way faster. I think I put this down to not relaxing (being square onto the water and dragging myself through it) but also going out too fast and tying up later. The visibility meant a few interesting bumps from swimmers coming out of the murky darkness. You literally couldn’t see your hand when it was stretched out. 

T1 was quick by my standards. I must master the flying mount and dismount! Any tips greatly appreciated!

Bike 30:17 for 20km, course is flat and very fast on the service road around the boating lake, into the wind going out of transition and tailwind in the opposite direction, speedy. The turn around the bottom end of the lake has a few chunky pot holes, grids and the like. Considering my spill a few weeks ago, I took these corners way too gingerly. I saw every hole, grip and bump as a potential crash. However, on the flat I felt great, really strong and pretty fast- certainly faster than I’d ever been on my bike before. 

T2 – calf cramps. No idea why or where it came from but I cramped pretty badly. 

The run 21:and change, mainly flat and well surfaced route, a few bits of trail type stuff but in the main tarmac’d. You’re on the same road as the cyclists running in the opposite direction, there were a few hairy moments I thought I’d be speared by an over zealous riders TT bar.  Running is my Achilles heel, one that I have to rectify if I’m to perform at any reasonable level. I hopped off my bike 5th out of the wave and found myself picked off by too many competitors. There’s a few factors that will lead to improvement: 1. Patience and time – I’m on an upward curve when it comes for running as it is. So I’ll naturally improve. 2. A bit of weight loss, as triathletes go, I’m a bit bulky. Leaner and meaner means faster as a runner. 3. Another gear. I feel I have another couple of gears within me somewhere. There are a couple of notches of pain that I need to press through. So in the main I need to learn to embrace that suffering in the latter stages of the race. 

I’ve taken some confidence from this race, it’s the fastest I’ve ever been over that distance by a considerable margin. I’m more determined than ever to put in a top performance at chatsworth in a couple of months and at Llandudno in 3weeks. 

Thanks to Claire for her unwavering support and my friends who came to cheer me on. You were brilliant and really motivating. Cheers to Rob for my brilliant plan, it’s reaping rewards and I promise I’ll deliver a performance that your hard work deserves! Cheers also to for sorting my back out (I popped something in my back in the lead up to the race) and also to Bikehaus for having my bike in tip top condition

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