5 Cool Things I saw at TriExpo Manchester

So the dust has finally settled after TriExpo in Manchester a couple of weeks ago, and I've finally got time to sit down and write up a few thoughts.

First up, I was really impressed with the event in general - we were constantly busy with people stopping my the oxygenaddict stand and talking. Especially surprising were the number of people who were listeners to The Cup Of Tri Podcast and who popped over to introduce themselves. It was great to meet you all!

The main opportunity for me, and the main reason for being there, was the chance to deliver a speech on the main Triathlon stage. I delivered a presentation called 'Training for Ironman', which I wanted to be thirty minutes of tips to help people out - either to give first timers an idea of how to structure their training, or to help more experienced Ironman triathletes streamline their training.

Ironman coaching, triathlon coaching

It seemed to go down pretty well, and I managed to help out quite a few people after the talk with questions. I was on just after Steve Cram on the Saturday, and then after Rebecca Romero on the Sunday, so it was quite nerve racking!

The best thing about the Expo is that you get a chance to see the latest bikes and products to the market, so I thought I'd write up a quick list of 5 things that caught my eye.

1) Indurance Blood Profiling

Really interesting to meet Dr. Will Manger, the doctor and triathlete behind Indurance. The company provides blood testing and profiling for amateur triathletes - you take a small sample yourself, at home, from your finger with a little kit, and then post the sample off. Three days later, you get a full analysis of your blood work via email.

I think that this service could be a game changer for triathletes, especially those training for long distance races - especially those who have struggled with overtraining in the past. From a coaching point of view, it would be amazing to have easy access to results from a professional blood test, which will contain all the biochemical markers associated with overtraining, such as testosterone levels, pituitary axis function and red cell function. Basically, it'll take away the guesswork regarding how much recovery an athlete needs when they are feeling overtired.

You can read more at http://www.indurance.co.uk/


The guys from triathlon box popped over to our stand, and I really liked the product. The idea is simple and effective - a big plastic box that fits over the top tube of your bike as you're walking to transition, allowing you to carry all your kit without the usual drama of the Ikea plastic box sliding off into the road!

You can read more at http://www.triathlonbox.co.uk/


Met Scott from ADR a couple of years ago and was impressed with his products then. For the show, he had some SERIOUSLY good looking machines on display, including this Viper Green bike that weighed in at under 7kg !

tirathlon coaching

Kate Linsley and her team at RaceForce specialise in taking the stress out of travelling to an event. They arrange flights, hotels and transfers, they have a bike bus service and they have mechanics at the event to build up and tune your bike. Really nice, fun people too - we really enjoyed hanging out with them and I especially appreciated them encouraging me just before I went onstage to deliver my talk. Kate and her gang were such a bunch of fun, positive people, it's easy to see how they will add an extra dimension to your race!

You can read more at http://www.raceforce.co.uk/


5) The Team Sky Race car

triathlon coaching
triathlon coaching

Take one Jaguar Coupe, remove rear window, replace with custom molded carbon fibre bike race. Insert Chris Froome's TT bike and a team Pinarello. What's not to love ? :)