Improving your running

Thought I'd include this in a blog post as it might help a few of you out too. I was sent an email by Lou asking for some guidance on improving her running.
Without writing a plan for her, this is what I came up with - hopefully it'll be of some assistance to others out there too.
".......have a read of this on my coaching forum:
As a general rule I'd say -
E-pace running is the key.
It will feel slower than you're used to.
Your running will only improve by doing more of it..
If you get injured then you'll do less running (short and medium term), so you won't improve..
Fast or hard running is most likely to injure you, do only do it sparingly and under supervision of a coach if possible.
Add another run per week before you increase the distance of each run you do (to increase the amount of running you do) - 30 mins a session max is fine till you're running 5 days per week.
Don't add another run per week till you've proved you can do 4 weeks at current level without getting injured.
If you want to justify making your E-pace faster, then do so on the basis of a race result. You're only faster when you prove it by racing, not because you 'think' you are.
In racing, we're in it for the long haul, not the short term buzz. There are no quick fixes and no easy solutions :)
Hope this helps