Knutsford Tri Club Swim Sessions

The following are some video clips that I took of my athletes at the Knutsford Tri Club session last week. It's a trial really to see how the video from the iphone worked out - I'm pretty disappointed with the quality it's uploaded at, but at least the swimmers will get an idea of what their stroke looks like. I'm going to experiment over the next couple of weeks with ways that athletes can see their own stroke.

I've deliberately not commented on people's strokes on here. What I'm hoping for is that the athlete will see his or her stroke and think - hang on, I didn't know that my arms or legs were doing that when I swim. This way, they can make a concious choice to swim a different way next time. It might also reenforce a lot of what I'm saying to them at the sessions. Most of the swimmers here have never seen their stroke before on video, so it'll be interesting to hear their comments.

I've not been able to embed all the videos on here. If you search for videos by 'wilbster1973' on youtube there are about 10 more - I've got clips of everyone who swam last week (Weds 21st September.)

Knutsford Tri Club are a great group, this session takes place 9-10pm every Wednesday at Knutsford Leisure Centre if anyone out there lives close enough and fancies coming along to join us!