In praise of commuting

Another title for this might be 'Take your training where you can get it! :)

I can't describe how much I love riding to work. There's just something about the feeling of starting the work day knowing that you have an hour's training in the bank already... but more than that, I really feel like it lifts me for the whole day. Maybe it's the endorphins or seratonin release or any of the other chemical explanations. Undeniably though, the feeling of riding as the sun is rising is brilliant. 

The other thing I love is that I never get caught in traffic on the bike, and in the car my experience is mostly the opposite! Part of this could just be that if I decide to ride to work the next day, my routine is that I get everything ready the night before - the clothes to wear, bag packed, lunch made. I rarely do that on a usual 'driving' day. When I ride, I feel organised and on top of things for the whole hour on the way to work. It's about an hour each way, which is great as it's short enough that I can get there in the little ring as a recovery ride, or I can do threshold intervals, or I can do chunks of big gear strength work. Don't believe anyone who tells you that commuting doesn't count as training. If you structure it right, that hour each way is worth much more fitness than a Sunday club run.

It looks like the weather will be kind for the rest of the week and I'm contemplating a leg stretching run out at a local race this weekend, just for fun. It feels great to have rediscovered training for the sake of enjoying moving through the outdoors, not for race-specific fitness. I'm hoping that I'm going to rediscover the joy of racing for the sake of moving fast through the outdoors with others who share that joy.

Incidently, I've got a coaching slot just opened up. Drop me a line if you're considering it and we can chat.

Follow your passion :)