Here comes the tri season

Well, it's been 2 weeks since my last post. I started the blog articles as a way of generating some interst in the website, and of getting regular readers to the site. It's certainly managed to do that, and better, it's been generating a lot of interest by people looking for a coach. The only slight drawback with this is that I've been too busy writing training plans to post a blog up! The new year is obviously a time when a lot of people who have been thinking about getting a coach do something about it.

I called time on the 'everyday running' challenge after 40 consecutive runs in 40 days. I'd hoped to make it to 50 days, but I think I underestimated how much it took out of me to run the 100km week so early in the training year. The next week I'd decided on a 'running recovery' week - the plan was to run every day for 30 mins at, or just under, aerobic threshold. Very easy jogging, in other words. However, by the end of the week it was obvious that I was right on the edge of overtraining, and even with the reduced training load, I just wasn't getting any fresher. Two consecutive nights of sleep where I woke with night sweats and cramping feet (always been an indicator of overtraining for me) convinced me that it would be doing me more harm than good to continue. I'm actually really pleased that I listened to my body, rather than my training OCD :)

This week I've had a really easy week training wise - just as well as work has been very stressful. However, after a few days at the start of the week feeling 'in the hole' mood and energy-wise, I started to come good on Friday. Since then, I've managed to put in a couple of good bike rides (both on the turbo due to the torrential rain we've been having.) Getting back into the regular rhythm of alternating bike and run training is something that I'm really looking forward to in this block. Plus, in a few short weeks it'll be light enough to bike to work and back safely - that time can't come quickly enough for me!

Looking back, I think that the six week run block has set me up with a great base fitness for the year, but if I did it again, I'd follow my usual plan of taking a recovery week in the 4th week of a block, rather than waiting till the 5th week this time. Once my mind got locked into training every day, it was really hard mentally to let it go!

My season plan took an interesting turn at the announcement that Ironman Germany was releasing more slots. I had planned to race the Outlaw on the same day that IM Germany takes place, but the chance to race at Germany is too good to turn down. The guys that I work and coach with at are all going out there with the aim of Kona qualification, and it would be a great crew to train with. So fingers crossed that my internet connection holds up and I'm one of the lucky ones!