Tri Bike Fit Session: £99

We offer a complete service to help triathletes get the best position they can on their equipment. We even offer you the benefit of our experience on which equipment you should buy - or avoid buying! - to help you get into the best position for you.

What do we mean by 'best'? Well, it's quite simple. The best position is the one that will get you to the finish of your TRIATHLON in shortest possible time. That means - you have to be able to run well off the bike!

The Tri Bike Fit session takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours, looking at your position, adjusting parts where necessary, advising on replacement parts, and a follow up session to check everything is right once the tweaks have been made.

We have helped dozens of triathletes over the last 5 years who were riding in a sub-optimal triathlon position.

There are several factors that we take into account when getting you into your best position, and none of them come from expensive 3D imaging software :)

We developed the S.P.A.C.E Tri-Fit system - specifically for triathletes.

S.P.A.C.E. stands for Speed through Power, Aerodynamics, Comfort and Efficiency.

We understand why triathlon bikes are built with a very steep seat angle, and why that's different to a 'time trial' position. If you haven't bought your bike yet, give us a call. There's a good chance we can steer you towards the right frame, and away from an expensive mistake.

We understand which aerobars work well for Ironman, and which ones don't. All aerobars are not built equally, and they can have a massive effect on your comfort.

We understand why you might be really uncomfortable if you're trying to complete an Ironman on a road bike with a pair of aftermarket 'tri bars' - and can explain which bars can work really well with a road bike. You'll probably still end up buying a Tri bike anyway, but, well, we did our best :)

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