Cup of Tri 47: Stuart Hayes

Stu Hayes leading the Brownlees at London 2012

Stuart Hayes was the man British Triathlon turned to in 2012 when then needed someone who could swim like a fish and bike like the wind. They needed someone who was fast enough in the water that he could keep up with the Brownlees - no mean feat in itself - and then was powerful enough on the bike that he could control the race - chase down breaks, and keep the pace so high that no one had the ability to break away. He did his job to perfection, and played a pivotal role in Team GB winning Gold and Bronze that day.

Stu talks to us about his race at 2012, but also his recent comeback from injury that has blighted his last 3 years, his sub 31 minute 10k against Mo Farah, and his aspirations to race 70.3 and possibly Ironman too!

Cup of Tri 46: Deca Dave Clamp

'Deca' Dave Clamp: World Deca Ironman Champion at 56 years old! We talk to possibly the most inspirational guy in the World on the back of his recent win at the Deca Ironman Championships.

Yes, that's right. Deca Ironman. As in 10 Ironmans in 10 days.

Yes, that's right. 56 years old.

So if you're waking up this morning and feeling the aches and pains of aging and using the excuse that you're getting a bit older and your best days are behind you - well, I'm sorry, that just won't cut it. Lace up those running shoes, take a spoonful of concrete and harden up a little on the inside. This interview will convince you that it's mostly in your head, and even that bit that's not in your head is mostly in your head. And even that little bit that's left that really is physical - well, that's probably in your head too.

Let's take Dave's example and decide that as we get older, we get more experienced, and experience is teaching us that we have done this before, and we can do it again, and we can do it faster than last time.

I'm going to stop typing now, and go off to do some training. Because you know what? I'm going to get faster too, for the next 14 years... :)

Cup of Tri 44: Hywel Davies

Rob interviews Hywel Davies - possibly one of the greatest over 40s athletes in the World across multi-sport. In addition to winning triathlons at every distance from sprint to DOUBLE Ironman, Hywel is also a very accomplished runner, cyclist, time trial rider, rower, and cross fit athlete.

At the age of 41, Hywel has made the decision to step up and race Pro next year - taking advantage of the pro licence means he'll be able to race in all the big European races that are already sold out, but more than that, he feels that he's still improving, and that 2016 will be his fastest year yet.

I loved this interview. Hywel doesn't pretend that everything comes easily to him - he talks candidly about the panic attacks that have plagued his races, especially in cold and dark water - but despite these challenges, he's managed to continue and have some of his best races after continuing. I think that a lot of age groupers will be able to take a lot away from this interview, especially if you've ever struggled with that feeling of terror as you're lined up in the water just before the start of a big race.